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A concise statement of the limitations in study design is the signature of serious contributing work to physical science. This article explains how referring to well-known phenomena and experimental design can make acknowledging them more straightforward.


Press Release: April 24th, 2019

Edanz Group Japan Inc. (“edanz”: Fukuoka, Japan; URLs: https://www.edanzwriting.com & https://www.edanzediting.com), the global leader in high-quality scientific and medical research support, has joined M3, Inc. the global leader in healthcare information services, (TSE 2413: Tokyo, Japan; URL: https://corporate.m3.com/; CEO: Itaru Tanimura; “M3” below).



Edanz Group announced this week a new collaboration with ORCID which will make it possible for authors to connect their ORCID iD to the company's Author Path, Author Academy, and Author Services websites.

Koji Yamashita, CEO of Edanz Group, said, "I am excited to work with ORCID to provide the best authoring experiences possible, from author education and manuscript writing, all the way to submitting to journals automatically."


It is widely believed that our present form of energy consumption is unsustainable. Science will increasingly be looked to for solutions.

As pollution levels and global temperatures rise, the centuries of relying on fossil fuels appear to be winding down. This triggers alarm in society, but it also signals huge opportunities for researchers.


Studying medicine is exceptionally challenging. Studying medicine abroad can be even more challenging. Studying medicine abroad in English when it’s not your first language adds another barrier. Despite this, I have chosen this path.

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