Tamsin Sheen

  • Tamsin Sheen

    2008 - PhD Genetics, University of Otago

    2004 - MSc Genetics, University of Otago

    Dr Sheen has conducted research on diverse topics related to microbial genetics. Her most recent work as a postdoctoral research fellow at San Diego State University involved microbial pathogenesis related to niche establishment as well as penetration of the blood-brain barrier. She also has two patents related to the development of novel therapeutic agents for treatment of MRSA infections. Dr Sheen is an experienced science editor and communicator with experience in both clinical and environmental microbiology, and has presented research at both national and international conferences. Dr Sheen carried out her PhD research at AgResearch in Lincoln, New Zealand, focusing on applying genetic techniques to improve the soil survival of a microbial biocontrol agent. Her MSc research involved the phylogenetic analysis of Antarctic notothenioid fish and species evolution. Dr Sheen joined Edanz Group as an editor in 2011.