Robert Hodgkins

  • Robert Hodgkins

    2005 - PhD Chemistry, University of St. Andrews

    2001 - BSc (Hons) Applied Chemistry with Industrial Chemistry, Liverpool John Moores University

    Dr Hodgkins’ expertise relates to the design, composition and structure of zeolites and zeotypes, mesoporous silicas, porous carbons and porous single crystal metal oxides relating to fields within: catalysis, chromatography, diagnostics and drug delivery. He holds a PhD in chemistry with a thesis titled “In Situ Functionalisation & Characterisation of Non-Ionic Block Copolymer Templated Mesoporous Silicas”. After a post-doctoral fellowship at Stockholm University focusing on the engineering of the synthesis of nanostructured surfactant-templated functional materials to include modified polymers and nanoparticles, he remained in Sweden leading projects in cutting-edge nanomaterial design and production for a spin-off company. Thereafter he worked in corporate R&D for Johnson Matthey Technology Centre as the lead chemist in the design of new zeolites for global emission control technologies for NOx abatement, holding responsibility for coordinating research in laboratories and a pilot plant and gaining a strong foundation in associated EHS issues. Dr Hodgkins also held tenure at the Universidad de Colima, México, with his independent research focusing on zeolites and porous materials. He has numerous publications in international journals, as well as patents relating to the synthesis, design and applications of porous materials, and is a co-inventor of STA-11 mesoporous silica. He also reviewed a long-term research proposal for a prestigious Royal Society Fellowship, and reviews for the world-renowned Professor Osamu Terasaki, whose articles have been published in a large number of distinguished, high-impact journals. Currently a Lead Catalyst Scientist for Saudi Aramco, where he applies multiple downstream refining development projects to develop commercially existing hydrocracking products into next generation products, Dr Hodgkins joined Edanz Group as an editor in 2015.