David Frishman

  • David Frishman

    1980 - PhD Thermodynamics, University of California

    1970 - BSc Geology, University of Pennsylvania

    Academic Background

    Dr Frishman was employed by the US Geological Survey as a Research Scientist in Denver, Colorado for 15 years investigating the geology and geochemistry of uranium, copper, gold, and other metallic mineral deposits and working as part of a team to assess regional mineral resource potential in the United States. Dr Frishman was also involved in studies of a variety of aspects of environmental geology. While working for a Canadian consulting company, he explored for and drilled metallic mineral prospects in the western United States and worked with geologists from Ghana and Argentina to produce English-language reports on the geology of their home countries.

    Publishing History

    Dr Frishman has 30 publications in peer-reviewed journals including Economic Geology. He has reviewed numerous papers as a peer reviewer for academic journals.

    Editing Experience

    Dr Frishman has extensive writing and editing experience. He joined Edanz Group as an editor in 2012.